Jean Claude Babiloni

Fitness Therapy Consultant for Seniors

Tango Dance Teacher


years of experience around the world !

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About Jean Claude

Master trainer, licensed massage therapist, natural health consultant, certified ballroom dancer, 50 years of experience around the world !
Now living in Miami Florida, I am specialized in helping  aging seniors regain hope in their life, using my unique techniques of physical fitness, that I designed according to each one needs, functional fitness therapy with minimum risk of injury's ! 
My knowledge in nutrition is a huge part of helping regain a healthy life, I am the best example of what I do, now 75 years old I move like a 30 year old man, and on the dance floor, I can still show off !

Education / Certificates

  • NDTA Professional Teacher Certification

  • Teacher Certification: Bronze American Smooth, Bronze American Rhythm

  • NGA Master Fitness Trainer Certification

  • International Certification of Dance Studies

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Natural Health Consultant

  • Certified Ballroom Dancer

  • Therapeutic Fitness


How Can I Help You

Jean Claude Babiloni - Personal Trainer for Seniors

Fitness Therapy is defined as, a specialized program for enhancing or maintaining physical fitness, overall health and wellness. It is performed for various reasons :

  • To aid growth and improve strength

  • Preventing aging

  • Developing muscles and the cardiovascular system

  • Honing athletic skills

  • Improving health and wellness

  • and also for enjoyment

During your first consultation, I will establish your personalized training program, by carrying out an assessment of your health, your physical condition and taking into account your medical history.

A necessary check-up, which will allow me to adapt the exercises and their intensity for a tailor-made program promoting relaxation, stress management and good vitality.


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Fitness is good for health and wellness but be careful that it must be regular, progressive, adapted and secure for it to be effective !



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