Fitness Therapy for Seniors

Fitness Therapy is defined as, a specialized program for enhancing or maintaining physical fitness, overall health and wellness.

It is performed for various reasons :


  • To aid growth and improve strength

  • Preventing aging

  • Developing muscles and the cardiovascular system

  • Honing athletic skills

  • Improving health and wellness

  • and also for enjoyment

During your first consultation, I will establish your personalized training program, by carrying out an assessment of your health, your physical condition and taking into account your medical history.

A necessary check-up, which will allow me to adapt the exercises and their intensity for a tailor-made program promoting relaxation, stress management and good vitality.

How does it work ?

A first session will be used to review your diet, lifestyle and health concerns. Then we will set up objectives and build your personalized program.

Fitness is good for health and wellness but be careful that it must be regular, progressive, adapted and secure for it to be effective.


Why do you need a Fitness Coach ?

Back in Shape
Do you want to regain a minimum of physical fitness in order to feel better in your body and feel good in everyday life ?

Special Seniors
Gentle and sporty physical activities for seniors bring many benefits to the body and mind and above all an ease in everyday life.











The objectives of the activity

  •     Recover muscle tone

  •     Improve joint mobility

  •     Reduce feelings of shortness of breath

  •     Reduce pain related to osteoarthritis

Book your consultation :

  •     Plan your courses according to your availability

  •     Move or cancel an appointment if necessary

  •     Flexible hours

  •     Whether at home, at the office or outdoors

  •     Your personalized training program

  •     You only pay for courses that have been taken 

  •     Food advice is free of charge

    Start at your own pace, your program adapts to your objective !


“Jean Claude is one of the best physical trainer ever. He cares about my health and encourages me to improve my mobility.” 

—  Annie

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